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The Beat

This unique beat has a rare River Dee characteristic, in that it is virtually double bank fishing, for over 5 miles, which of course provides ample space for anglers to fish over 21 pools during the fishing season. Below you will find a detailed description of the beats pools. For more information and bookings please see our bookings page.



Hatching a plan - Tassachd pool



The Tassachd pool is perhaps one of the most famous pools on the river, favoured by the famous salmon fisher and author John Ashley Cooper. The pool is one of the most productive on the beat and fishes well from both banks and in a range of heights. The large rock at the bottom of the pool acts as the boundary for the bottom of the beat. A fantastic hut is situated on the South bank of the pool, an ideal spot for lunch and a drink or two! 


Success at the Long pool

Long Pool


As the name suggests, the Long pool is a large pool on a sweeping bend of the river and is arguably the most productive on the beat. The pool is overlooked by the Braehead holiday cottage which is available to let. The long pool fishes well in medium to high water, however the neck can be excellent in low water conditions. The higher the water, the further down the pool you can fish with a large pine tree marking the end of the worthwhile fishing. Generally fished from the North bank however a section of the south bank can fish well in very high water. A secluded spot with a classic fishing hut this is an excellent place to fish and lunch in. 


Glashan pool


Arguably one of the prettiest pools on the Dee, Glashan is a fantastic low water pool. Fast streamy water enters the pool before forming a lovely glide. Two large rocks on the opposite bank mark a good section of the pool. The tail of the pool can produce fish so it is worth fishing through the entirety, especially with more water. Glashan is the beginning of the single banked fishing on the Headinch side with all pools upstream also single banked. A fantastic hut is situated here making it a popular lunch spot. 


28lbs Spring Salmon above the Cambus bridge



A fantastic pool to fish the fly, Clarach is an extremely productive pool. It generally favours lower water. Fish can be caught throughout its length and it should be fished right down to the tail where it breaks into fast water. A small hut is situated on the North bank here and there is a height gauge situated at the top of the pool. 


Hollybush pool

Hollybush / Overflow

A small but productive pool, Overflow is situated immediately upstream of Clarach and below the Holly Bush. The top of the pool features a number of large rocks and boils behind which many fish are caught. A good lie is also situated in the tail. In lower water fishing right through into Clarach is worthwhile.